In Therapy Base, we apply up to date, research-based techniques and regimes, placing special emphasis on health education, enhancing our patients’ will and self-confidence. We design and implement comprehensive, one-to-one treatment sessions focusing on attaining pain relief, enhanced mobility, strength, and endurance. Our goal is to optimize our patients’ functional ability and return to daily activities. Our treatment plans aim at reducing the patient’s rehabilitation time frame and minimizing the risk of any further complications or re-injuries. Therefore, great emphasis is placed on educating the patient in becoming self-conscious in relation to his condition, promoting means of self-treatment. Nevertheless, as we believe that well-being is a way of living, many of our programmes are addressed to people who do not suffer from a particular pathology or condition.


I. Apostolopoulou 61A Chalandri 15231


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Working hours

Mon.-Fri.: 10:00 – 22:00
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